As American Citizens, we get the unique opportunity each election year to cast our votes for who we would like to lead our country, as well as our local communities and state.  But only 17% of eligible voters actually voted in Arizona’s last primary election.  Often, primaries are the deciding vote when it comes to local representation.  If we truly want our legislators and local leaders to represent the majority, we must get out and vote! Not only is it a privilege, it is our duty to vote. Here are upcoming dates that are critical to remember for this year’s Primary:

August 1st:  Deadline to register to vote in the Primary

August 19th: Deadline to request an Early Ballot for the Primary

August 30th: Primary Election

The Vail Parent Network is rolling out a new initiative called Vail Votes.  We are encouraging Vail residents to take the pledge to vote.  VPN wants to raise awareness about legislative issues and the importance of making your voice heard.  We are asking community members, parents, grandparents, and business owners  to take the pledge with us.  And to make it fun, the school that gets the most pledges will win gift cards for their school.  Go to to fill out the form and join us in our commitment to vote.

And, as a reminder, please join us for our upcoming events, both at Empire High School Vail Theatre of the Arts:

August 2nd, 6-8:30 pm, LD 14 Candidate Town Hall (House and Senate Candidates).

September 19th, 6:00-8:00 pm, Town Hall with local, state and national candidates up for election.  Co-hosted with the Greater Vail Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for supporting Vail Parent Network!

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