We are finally #1, in cuts to education, according to an AZ Public Media article dated December 10th.  As parents of the Vail School District, our number one priority is to improve educational funding in the state of Arizona. The Vail Parent Network has been actively meeting with parents throughout the district to educate them on just how poorly education is funded in Arizona, and parents are rallying.

In just a few short months, we have met with hundreds of parents as well as school officials to let them know we are fighting for change. We held a meeting on January 11th at Empire High School, where a member of the Arizona School Board Association gave us key points on how to become effective advocates when it comes to the legislative process. We also discussed how our district is fiscally responsible with the meager funds we are given compared to other districts across Arizona.

We are pleased that our neighboring district, Sahuarita, has reached out to us for help in forming their own parent network. We are excited about this development since this is not just a Vail problem – it affects every child in the state of Arizona.

We are busy forming committees to keep our momentum going and we will be meeting with our current District 14 Legislators in February for a Town Hall. We will also be at Vail Pride Day to answer questions.

Our teachers and our children deserve better.  We are no longer willing to accept last place. We hope you will join us in this worthwhile cause. To become more involved, email us at vailparentnetwork@gmail.com or visit our website at www.vailparentnetwork.org.  You can also like us on Facebook at Vail Parent Network (VPN) Education Advocacy.

Vail Parent Network Steering Committee: Stacy Winstryg, Heather Morzinski, Catherine Byers, Callie Tippett and MaRico Tippett

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