In the coming weeks, Pima County Elections will be preparing for the November 7 election. The town’s proposed map has been set and no further changes will be made.

The effort to incorporate Vail will be on the ballot and handled like any other election. The ballots are being created, printed and mailed to citizens in the military and overseas first. No pro/con information packet will Be included with the ballot. There will be a Vail voting center on Election Day for both day of voting and returning vote by mail ballots.

If the move to incorporate Vail passes, the Pima County Elections Department will place the canvass on the Board of Supervisors agenda for approval on November 21. The canvass of the election action is the Board certifying the results prepared by the Elections Department. Once the Board approves the canvass, there will be a declaration that Vail is now an incorporated town.

The Board of Supervisors will be responsible for appointing the first seven members, interim City Council. The Board has wide discretion as to how this selection process will occur. All proposed council members require Board approval. The new, interim Vail Town Council would then meet and choose the person who would serve as mayor.

If the incorporation effort fails, it cannot be placed on the ballot again for one year. No petitions from the prior election can be used. The process of gathering signatures would have to begin anew. A separate, subsequent election process from the one currently underway would have to start all over again.

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