Vail Area Deadly Accidents

The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Most everyone has recognized the increased traffic and rising accidents in our area. As our desirable and unique area grows, so does the need to be extra vigilant in our driving habits. Last December, 2023, another deadly accident occurred along Old Spanish Trail and South Galileo Lane, killing a seventeen year old youth on a motorcycle. I will not go into the details of this preventable tragedy and loss of a young life except to say my prayers go out to the family. Hopefully this article can serve as a critical reminder to drive safely and with greater awareness on our single narrow lanes with higher speeds and limited visibility.

Here are some practical road safety reminders to help prevent further deaths and serious injury:

  1. Slow down and observe speed limits. How many of us have experienced excessive speeds from drivers in a rush to get to their destinations? The results are illegal and unsafe passing, tailgating, and aggressive driving. It creates undue stress that makes driving in our area unsafe and dangerous.
  2. Distracted driving kills. Statistic shows it takes only seconds to cause death or serious injury due to distracted driving. Practice the important safe habit of not answering cell phones while driving.
  3. Be seen. Many modern vehicles have daytime running lights (DRL). If your vehicle is not equipped with DRLs, another option is to drive with your headlights on. Be sure to turn them off at your destination. Research confirms being seen with daytime driving lights saves lives. Ref:
  4. Please yield to emergency vehicles with emergency lights and sirens operating. Stop for all buses with stop sign extended and illuminated flashing lights. Our children need our full attention and compliance with traffic laws to ensure their safety.
  5. Share the road with cyclists and pedestrians. How often have we observed cyclists in bike lanes and residents walking or jogging close to the roadway hoping another life is not lost?
  6. Practice civility and patience. We all want to get to our destinations. How we get there is a matter of life and death by the choices we make with our driving habits.

We can all strive for a new year of safety and accident-free motoring. Please join me by practicing common courtesy on the roads, obeying traffic laws and watching out for each other in our travels within beautiful Vail area. Best Wishes for a safe and peaceful new year.

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By Rick Bass

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