Back in August, the Union Pacific Railroad started a project right behind our property line; first a shed and then a 200 foot tower. Let me first say that we bought this house in July of 2015 because of the views from our backyard, the fact that we had no neighbors directly behind our property line, and the privacy from neighbors, since it sits on an acre of land.

We even had plans drawn up to add another structure on the side of our house that would have picture windows to view the mountains, this has been a timely and costly project. These plans were submitted and approved by Pima County. Unfortunately, we now have this eyesore and privacy issue which is in direct view of the tower, shed, and railroad workers. We also have plans for a pool which has also been put on hold due to the complete lack of privacy. I think it’s unfair that we have certain guidelines to obey and the railroad does not. Pima County informed us it is out of their control and to address the railroad, which we explained to them we have already tried. They then told us to get a lawyer and that it is out of their control. Which we understand, this is not their doing – it’s the railroad’s inconsiderate decision to build this monstrosity behind our house adjacent to our property line! Any advice or help would be extremely appreciated!

Jude Martinez, Vail Resident

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