By Hollie Warnick

You may have heard of the true self. Or perhaps you’ve heard someone talk about their highest self. There are many names and for the deep, still, quiet, and truthful part of ourselves. Knowingness, divine spark, heart, soul, inner light. All of these express and generate our life’s purpose, our soul’s voice. This force gives us the drive and knowledge to fully articulate ourselves. It produces creativity, vision, brilliance, and even our dreams. As our inner guide, it reminds us of who we truly are and inspires us to take action in our best interests.

Our inner self knows everything there is to know about us. You could consider it the author and witness of your life. It is an expression of your original divine blueprint, based on that which you truly are. It connects you to the universe, to the collective conscious, to all life. It is inspiration and intuition.

So, who are you? Who are you being right now? What part of yourself are you allowing to lead your life?

Sometimes we lose contact with our inner guide and we disconnect from ourselves. This can happen because of trauma, when we feel insecure, or when we’re trained to tune it out. After being hurt, we can feel as if it’s not safe to follow our heart, and that we’re better off listening to external authorities. This makes us give up our say in how we live our lives, leaving us feeling depressed, anxious, and depleted.

If you find yourself in a negative state of mind or at a place in life that you don’t want to be, it’s time to start following your true self. Some people retreat into their heads, and end up disconnected from their body, heart, and sense of self. If you’re in this state of discomfort, it’s best to wake up and follow your heart! If you don’t know how to start, try a Behavioral Kinesiology session. Do the next thing you’ve been inspired to do, one step at a time. Journal, take a salt bath, tune in.

Have you forgotten who you are, disconnected from your heart, or are unable to express your True Self? Come have a session for clarity today.

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