By Chuck Colbath

When I was a child in New Hampshire, my family moved next door to a true pioneer. Dr Anna Lester Philbrook was only the 63rd person to become a licensed psychiatrist in the United states and was one of the first women to specialize in adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Philbrook, known to us as Nan, was semi-retired when we met, at a time when I was all of 8 years of age. We became great friends, and she taught me valuable lessons that have helped guide me to this day. She spoke often about helping children, as young as possible, as she strongly believed this would help set them up for success in life.

Dr. Philbrook helped establish the Philbrook Children’s Center, named in her honor, at the New Hampshire State Hospital in Concord. She helped many children succeed in life. The University of New Hampshire, her first Alma Mater, and an institution she worked with for many years, also named a dining hall after her in 1971, an event my family attended, something I still remember well. She also taught me to “root for the underdog”. With Dr. Philbrook and her important work with children in mind, John and I join in supporting the best public schools in the state, the Vail schools. Children are our future, and Vail’s future benefits greatly from its schools.

At Bavilon, we have been around long enough to experience challenges while continuing to provide great services. At a time when many prices are rising, we are putting extra effort into providing the best value for your hard-earned money. We are striving to hold the line, which our wondeful team has gone along with. Our desire to be fair while doing our very best is what you can expect from Bavilon Salon.

In a time when old fashioned caring service seems to be a thing of the past, you can still find it at Bavilon Salon. Free unhurried consultations with the stylist of your choice is a great way to get acquainted. It is a co-operative environment in which the stylists recognize they all have different approaches, and work as a team to best satisfy a client’s varying needs.

Please stop in for a look! We look forward to the opportunity to please. Our stylists’ profiles, full menu with fair up-front pricing, and easy on-line booking are all at Or call us at (520) 762-8787 and we will be happy to assist you.

Better care, Better hair!

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