By Lisannette Ruiz

Even though summer temperatures don’t seem to want to end, it’s time to plant for the cool season. 100-degree days can discourage some from planting or starting new gardens, but we still encourage you to get a jump on the fall season by starting your gardens now! With a few simple techniques, we can make a great growing environment for those greens we’ve been waiting all summer to plant:

  1. Remember that shade net is still your friend. 30-50% shade net is a great way to lower the temperature of your garden so your cool-season plants can get established,
  2. Grow your transplants or buy large transplants with robust root systems. This is especially helpful to combat this 90+ degree weather. Avoid root bound, yellow-leaved, and flowering transplants,
  3. When you plant your transplants, be sure to plant them deep enough and give them adequate water during establishment,
  4. Plant cool-season plants, mostly. We say ‘mostly’ because if your garden is in an area where it will hold in more heat (ex: a south-facing, low shade area), you can try some last-minute warm-season plants that have a shorter number of days To maturity.

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