By Rob Hallberg

Have you ever been curious about Parrots? They are beautiful and they do talk, but your experience with them probably comes primarily from movies or books.

How would you like to see over 700 Parrots, in person? The Oasis Sanctuary, located in Cascabel, offers tours of their facility, and they’re kid friendly so the whole family can come.

The Sanctuary was established in 1977 as a life-care facility for companion parrots. As a true sanctuary, Oasis does not breed, sell, or adopt out birds. Once a bird enters the Oasis, they are guaranteed a lifetime of care and compassion.

Catherine and I have been to the Oasis numerous times. The facilities are enormous. All of the Parrots are housed in huge aviaries based on their breed, but there are also smaller cages for birds with special needs.

You are guided through the aviaries and walk amongst hundreds of Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, African Greys, and more. In the Cockatoo cage, you will have to take off your glasses, as a bird will try to steal them, and some others will perch on your shoulder.

The Macaw cage is the largest, so designed so that the Macaws have room to soar. They are magnificent.

For Tours, call to set an appointment (520) 212-4737 – they are very accommodating. The address is 5411 Teran Road.

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