The Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce (GVACC) has sent a letter to members of the Arizona State Senate and House of Representative urging them to restore funding for the Joint Technical Education Districts (JTED).

The Governor’s budget proposes a 50% cut in funding to the state’s programs. This cut would mean fewer valuable services being provided to Arizona’s students, including many in the Vail School District.

It is our belief that when businesses consider locating to Arizona, they look at major factors like the caliber of a potential work force and the state’s educational structure. The JTED program is one that brings tremendous value to our students and the future of the greater Vail area.

The high school graduation rate in 2014 for students who completed at least two or more classes in a row of state approved Career and Technical Education programs was 98%, according to the Arizona Department of Education. This is staggering considering the state’s overall graduation rate of 76%.

By 2020, almost 70% of Arizona’s jobs will require some form of education or training beyond high school. Career and Technical Education through programs like JTED increase levels of post-secondary schooling.

If Arizona met the national goal for post-secondary attainment of 60%, it would pump an additional $3.5 billion in personal income and tax revenue into the state economy each year, according to College Success Arizona.

The GVACC board members have requested the continuation of the current funding levels to support the JTED program. We believe that this will have a tremendous impact on the greater Vail area now and in the future.

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