By Miki Lee Hall

This Easter as we give thanks for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection, we find that looking more closely at the day of Thanksgiving celebrated here in our country may help us to celebrate Easter more dearly.

Why do the churches not herald the story of Squanto from the rooftops to prove to a disbelieving, skeptical, seemingly hopeless world that there is indeed a God, and He is in charge and taking care of what He needs to for His Purpose […]?

The day of Thanksgiving was celebrated by both the Pilgrims and the Indians where our God had become Squanto’s God. Why are acts and events we so often see as miracles that happen throughout history, and which continue to happen to this very day… why are they not studied, acknowledged, exalted for His Glory? It would bring such assurance to so many and give them a clear visible sign of our God. To know that He LIVES!

This should be a personal story for all Americans. That our nation was meant to be born according to God, and it was blessed by our Lord for our faith and good works in Him. And only by abiding in Him gives us the assurance and promise of our salvation as a great nation… as a Christian people… as eternal souls bound for heaven. This is a message He intends to give one way or another to the entire world through the history and future of America. (Excerpt from web page Reflections at First published November 2017.)

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