Tucson Electric Power has proposed new rates for 2017 that will fund upgraded energy infrastructure, help us get more renewable energy for less money, and give customers new ways to take control of their energy bills. In light of a recent guest column (TEP: Changing How Electricity is Charged”), I think it will be helpful to clarify some details about proposed rates and inform your readers where to learn more.

Since filing our proposal with the Arizona Corporation Commission in November 2015, we’ve maintained an information page on our website at tep.com/sustainable-future. This is an important issue for our customers, and we want them to be informed about the potential benefits of new rates.

Although rates with a demand charge are among the residential rate options, they would not be required for typical residential customers. Rate plans with demand charges offer residential customers new opportunities to reduce their electric bills. These plans more accurately reflect TEP’s costs to provide service, which are driven by our responsibility to satisfy customers’ maximum usage levels. Customers who use demand rates to reduce their peak demand can enjoy savings that reflect their reduced impact on system costs.

We invite our customers to learn more about how our proposal will help them to take control of their energy costs and support investment in a sustainable energy future for our community. Thank you. Joseph Barrios, Supervisor of Media Relations, Tucson Electric Power & UniSource Energy Services.


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