By Chuck Colbath

Education has always been very important to our family. Among others, my grandmother, her sister, their aunt, my sister, my father and his brother, were all teachers. When my grandmother and her sister were studying to be teachers, it included 60 mile rides to the school in an open Model T Ford or a stagecoach during the harsh New Hampshire winters.

My grandmother and her sister loved their careers as teachers in the Manchester N.H. area schools. My great aunt did not wish to retire, and as hard as it is to believe nowadays, she was forced out at 65 due to age! She continued her active lifestyle, including as a state representative, and lived well into her nineties.

As a child I often wondered why my great aunt didn’t have a television set in her home. She told me she didn’t like them. It was hard for me to believe that someone would not have a TV as I was brought up with one in our home. To explain why she didn’t want one, she gave me an example:

One of her visits with friends included a lunch. There were children at this gathering who were in another room watching TV. My great aunt entered the room to ask what they might like to drink with their lunch. When asked, they all turned their heads to respond, but an ad for the “golden arches” came on, and all the children’s heads returned to the TV. That was all she needed to see! She said it made her realize what an impression it was leaving, and in her opinion, not a good one. She was a very interesting person, and I felt very lucky to assist her in getting to church, and even traveled with her to D.C. to see President Reagan’s eye doctor when her eyesight was failing.
Education remains important throughout our lives, and to that point we have an upcoming color class in our salon!

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