By Hollie Warnick

Is humanity still in survival mode? Are we, as a country, or as individuals?

Looking at our lives here in America, here in Vail even, how much of our daily tasks are focused on surviving? Are you sick and having to take care of your body? Are you playing on your phone, surfing on social media? Are you having a mental crisis, or are you out riding dirt bikes along the trails?

When we are not having to focus our efforts on food, shelter and furthering our DNA, we have the freedom to expand our awareness, to explore new ideas. We can look further outside ourselves and engage with global humanity, if we choose. We can start new hobbies and follow our dreams. What life goal have you been putting off for better times?

Because society, in general, no longer has to hunt down food, many have the opportunity to increase their awareness, address their mental health, relax more, and innovate. This allows the country to attend to social injustices, tackle paradigms that hold us back as humans, and uncover hidden atrocities that have been ignored for centuries.

In this day and age, we can have a broader definition of money, family, gender and work, because we have proliferated and been globally successful for so many centuries. Manual labor is reduced again and again, freeing us up to try different occupations. Resources have become ever more digital. Fewer humans are feeling pressure to reproduce. Global travel and communication spreads information faster. Some may feel this is bad, or actually a decline, in the quality of the human race, but it’s just change.

Some suggest these changes are a regression. Are we having to revert back to survival mode because of what is going on in the world? The wars, the political state of the country, the illnesses and lack causing rises in prices are events that can affect our daily life. Are these changes man-made or circumstantial? How do you feel your life is going? Is it headed in a direction you like?

These are ideas to ponder. I ask you to broaden your horizon and not hold onto any idea too tightly. Try letting go of attachments mentally and physically. Try on someone else’s shoes. You never know what you will discover about others, and even yourself.

Hollie Warnick is a Behavioral Kinesiologist and Reiki Master utilizing behavioral health concepts, energy medicine, and essential oils to help clients love themselves and their life forward, backward, inside, and out. She is the secretary of the GVC ReSources board and mother of 4. Join her world via podcast, personal transformation sessions, classes and more at or call (520) 800-4383.

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