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By Hollie Warnick

Summer is here and we’ve been waiting! Welcome the warm weather with wholesome natural products and activities that make life simpler. Get ready to jump in the water, greet friends, and stay out late for celebrations. Say hello to farm fresh veggies from the Rincon area and grill outs with neighbors. Beat the heat by freezing your favorite fruit or drink, like Young Living’s “Ningxia Red,” to stay cool between activities. Let the sun cheer you guilt-free from under the umbrella, in a large hat, or put on an environmentally friendly mineral sunscreen.

Heading out of town this summer? Prevent the traveling ailments with essential oils that defend against germs, soothe queasy traveling tummies, and ease pain from joint inflammation. Choose essential oils like “Thieves,” “Digize,” peppermint, or wintergreen. You can even detour bugs with scents like citronella, lavender, and other combinations.

Going away for an extended time? Protect your house by getting a local sitter or having a friend keep an eye out. Save a little power by unplugging or turning off electronics and ac while away.

Taking the car on tour? Entertain travelers by playing mind stimulating games like “I Spy,” “20 questions,” having a deep conversation, or quietly taking in the scenery. You can avoid stomach problems and headaches by staying hydrated, taking breaks to move or sleep, and choosing home-packed foods with fiber over gas station foods with high preservatives, sugar, and salt. Be aware and safe on the road.

Sticking around town? When it’s too hot outside, bring the outdoors in by opening the shades and displaying fresh flowers for all to enjoy. Keep pets at a safe temperature with water or invite them inside as well.

Go outdoors in the early hours to see plants and wildlife or head into Tucson to museums or amusement parks. If it’s too hot here, head to the hills – or the lakes. A change in climate could cool you while fulfilling a sense of wanderlust. Our area has a great variety for those seeking relief from the heat.

Can’t get into the summer spirit? Feeling out of sorts? Call Hollie for a session to get clear today!

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