With the long and endless hours of summer in full swing, what could be better than a nice novel to read whether by the beach, poolside, or even just in the comfort of your home? Without further ado, here are my recommendations for the top five summer reads!

Passenger5. Passenger by Alexander Bracken: Violin prodigy Etta Spencer was completely unprepared for a secret that her mother hid from her for years – the secret family gift of time travel. With her mother stolen from her grasp on the biggest night of her career, Etta must team up with the enemy in order to use her new talent and find her mother somewhere in the folds of time.

Walter_Boys4. My Life With the Walter Boys by Ali Novak: This is a perfect story if you are looking for young adult love, adventure, and growth. When Jackie Howard, lifelong resident of New York City, looses her parents and sister in a car accident, she is forced to move in with her godparents. The catch? They have 12 sons and a life more chaotic than she has ever imagined.

Thanks3. Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallch: High school outsider Parker hates everything about school – the people, the classes, everything. He would much rather spend his time wandering through various hotels, his favorite place to “people watch.” When he meets the mysterious Zelda, she presents him with a challenge; a challenge that forces him to break out of his self-created shell and be spontaneous for the first time in his life.

Me_Before_You2. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: Chances are this title sounds familiar because of the brand new motion picture staring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin that was adapted from this brilliantly written epic book. If you have not had the opportunity to pick up this story yet, I highly recommend it. When Lou Clark becomes a caregiver of the injured Will Traynor, she is convinced that she can show him that there is still good in life, even after an accident that made him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Unexpected1. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson: With a cover the practically screams summer, this contemporary novel chronicles the low point in Andie’s life. After her father is caught in the middle of a scandal in Congress, her scholarship to the summer program at John Hopkins is revoked. With the whole summer to spend at home, Andie takes new risks with the help of her friends, a new job she never expected, and a boy that came along with it. That’s it for this summer’s reading list! Until next time, keep reading!

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