Vaccines in the Workplace: One Step Closer to Freedom

By Sebastian Caro
Cienega High School student

One of the greatest causes of adversity is fear. Fear of the unknown, of not being able to predict when and how something will occur. This feeling of dread has been amplified ten times over as the Covid-19 pandemic has consumed America and the rest of the world. As a result, everyone aggressively put their and their loved ones health first as they protected themselves from the threat of the deadly virus.

Nevertheless, this fear surrounding the virus was greatly lessened once a vaccine was introduced to the world, allowing many to feel safer around one another again. This sense of relief from the vaccine is very important in the current, fearful world that we live in, as it can only strengthen interactions with one another, both socially and business wise.

Therefore, a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine would positively impact the level of serenity and safety in the workplace.

As both a teenager in highschool and an employee at a busy restaurant, receiving the vaccine has taken a massive weight off of my shoulders. Moreover, I understand that I am not suddenly immune to the virus and that I must still be cautious with how I interact with others in public. Nevertheless, I still feel like I am one step closer to returning to a world before the pandemic, as masks slowly seem less mandatory and people no longer view me as a possible medical threat. Moreover, my job becomes less tedious and I am able to fulfill my position to the best of my ability.

You are allowed to have your suspicions about the vaccine and feel hesitant in trusting a new medication. However, if it is truly the best option that is available to the public, then it should be welcomed with open arms. Both those who are extra cautious about avoiding contact with the outside world and those who despise being forced to wear masks can find comfort in the vaccine as it gives a sense of freedom that was lost ever since the pandemic began.

The vaccine is allowing me to slowly return to the world I remembered as I regain my freedom and escape from the grasps of the virus. This freedom transfers over to the workplace as well, allowing coworkers and customers alike to break down their walls of fear that they spent the past year building so high.

Covid-19 Vaccinations for Children 5-12

By Patrick Fleming
Cienega High School student

53.7% of Americans have been fully vaccinated in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and 66.2% of Americans have received their first dose of the vaccines. Children from the ages 5-12 are currently not able to receive the vaccines but the CDC and FDA are currently reviewing and deciding if it is safe for children to receive this. I believe that pending further research, it is important to allow children to receive vaccinations.

The return to school and the re-opening of many high population attractions such as malls and restaurants has led to increased numbers of people that have contracted the virus and has led to variations of the virus such as delta to arise. The vaccine is currently being reviewed for children 5-12 to be able to receive this and it is responsible for civilians to receive the vaccine in order to return to normal. Protecting the community from the virus is important because the spread of the virus can be reduced through the increased vaccination rates as it introduces a small amount in order to build an immunity to the virus.

There are some concerns about the long term effects on the development of children taking the vaccine and how it would negatively impact their immune systems, but through the trials and tests according to the Mayo Clinic, they have rarely shown long term effects on the immune systems and bodies.

One major advantage for a child to receive the Coronavirus vaccine is to be able to build an immunity to the virus which will protect the building immune systems of children. Another advantage is in stopping other Covid variants, reducing viral transmission by getting vaccinated also reduces the virus’ chance to mutate into new variants that may be even more dangerous. However, the virus can transmit easily between unvaccinated children and adults, giving new variants a chance to emerge.

Covid vaccines are important to getting this country back on track towards normal, children being able to receive the vaccine will be able to to protect the community they live in while also protecting themselves.

Covid Vaccine Mandate for Federal Employees

By Rhiannon Paul
Cienega High School student

From the beginning of covid to now there have been 242M cases and 4.93M deaths worldwide. Since the vaccine came out many people throughout America have refused to get it for a number of reasons. As of November 22, 2021, all federal employees are required to be vaccinated. Personally, I do not see a problem in receiving the covid vaccine compared to the other vaccines that are mandatory for every child who goes to either a private or public school. Some people use the excuse that it’s against their religion although there are about five religions that say that vaccination is prohibited.

Also, people who have less than a college degree say they will not be vaccinated. Others feel that being required to be vaccinated is against their constitutional right as an American citizens and the government should not be able to force them to get the vaccine. Although covid-19 is a deadly disease and the constitution doesn’t state the government can not mandate the vaccine for everyone. For example in 1901 a deadly smallpox epidemic had become a problem in Boston. People during that time also refused the vaccine and used the excuse it was against their constitutional right. This was an issue and was brought to the supreme court in 1905. The judge then made it a requirement for everyone to get the smallpox vaccine and if they refused they would have to pay a fine of five dollars which is equivalent to about $150 today.

As of today the people who are required to get the vaccine are firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, people in the military, government employees, and any company that decides all of the workers should be vaccinated. Any company that mandates the vaccine has the right to fire anyone who refuses. Federal agencies all work under the president and it should be their duty to fulfill anything he or she decides to be done. Not only should they fulfill those requirements they also represent the government and by refusing and fighting what they are being told by someone above them, looks bad not only to our country but also to any country that would be looking for a weakness. Everyone has a reason behind their actions. In the president’s eyes when deciding to require the vaccine for federal workers, he must think about the safety of every single citizen in the country.

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