By Hollie Warnick


Happy Spring y’all! I hope you enjoyed your spring break because it’s time for spring cleaning. Don’t worry, this can be a releasing and fulfilling process. Just trust your gut and get going.


Cleaning in the right order can be very helpful. Begin by de-cluttering and de-junking the house: Go by category of possessions and set aside redundant or unnecessary items. Thank your old belongings and give them away to the appropriate local friends or places like the Vail Depot Thrift Store. Make sure to take items to the dump, when needed. Refer to tidying guides or if you’re in a real rut, hire a local organizer or a cleaning service to bring spring into the home.


When removing items to donate, remember to thank them respectfully as you place them in the to-go pile. When we purge old assets, the open space is revitalized. Blockages and clogs are removed, creating room for new opportunities. It also provides for different causes and creates prosperity for others.


Next, sweep and scrub away: For cleaning counters, tubs, floors, and more, use the timeless recipe of baking soda and vinegar. Add a dash of your favorite essential oil, like tea tree or pine, for a good smell and anti-bacterial properties. You can also use lemons to soak metal or anything with mineral deposits. Once you’ve cleaned all the surfaces, move on to floors. Get those corners too; it will give you that sense of accomplishment.


Now that you’ve removed the excess from your home, you can invite positive vibes that will keep your space refreshed. Bring in fresh flowers. Diffuse a cheery scent like orange oil or “purification.” You can even put these scents on a cotton ball and put them into an air vent to supply an uplifting aroma while you enjoy exercise in the room.


Finally, the home is rejuvenated. Remember to spring clean your mind and body! Get out in the sun and drink lots of water to flush out any toxins to propagate wellness.


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