Spread the Puppy Love by Ceci Kimball

The National Honor Society (NHS) has a long-standing tradition of scholarship, service, leadership, and character and is often times comprised of the best and brightest a school has to offer. This is no different with Vail Academy & High School’s chapter of the NHS. These students work year round to make a positive difference in the community and this month they represent a special cause: animal rescues.

The annual tradition to visit the Pima Animal Care Center, or PACC, is an event these young adults treasure. Over the years the number of animals living on the streets or that die in shelters has increased dramatically, and the community has recently tried to combat this issue by opening the doors to a new Humane Society Shelter in Southern Arizona; yet, finding these animals is only half the battle.

It is the responsibility of our neighborhoods to decrease the number of lovable creatures that are killed every year, and the students of Vail Academy and High School realize this. Last year, the VAHS Honor Society brought media attention to an aged female pitbull on the verge of being put down and thus inspired their campaign this year, appropriately titled “Puppy Love” with the same intentions.

Although not everyone is in a situation to adopt, several other options are available to lend a helping hand. Like the high school students, you too can arrange to volunteer at shelters as a majority of work is currently being done by volunteers. Alternatively, donations are always accepted.

The school has plans to visit the PACC not once this year, but twice; and several of the students have gone so as far to adopt rescues from the shelter and others across the region as well, proving their duties far exceed what happens in the classroom.

If you are interested in helping, the PACC is open weekly Monday – Friday at their Tucson Address, 4000 N Silverbell Rd. They can also be reached by phone at (520) 724-5900. Anything and everything helps.

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