by Kimberly Crossland of Savvy Copywriters

When someone asks you where you live, how do you respond? Do you say, Vail? Corona de Tucson? Rita Ranch? Regardless of which part of the southeast region you’re in, one thing has probably frustrated you at one point – there is a lack of a unified voice representing the area.

When District 4 Supervisor Steve Christy was on the campaign trail, and after he was elected, he heard the repeated same cry from his constituents – there wasn’t an organization representing the needs of this area. This concern sparked a group of community members to get together and discuss ways to change that, giving our area – from Civano to Corona de Tucson, and further East to Vail – one voice to address concerns. That’s how the Southeast Regional Council (SERC) was born.

This council is modeled after the Green Valley Council. It is a non-partisan, grassroots organization consisting of civic-minded community members. Comprised of residents, business owners, and non-profits in the southeast area of District 4, SERC seeks to become the coordinated voice of the people invested in the communities that make up this region.

The key to its success is community support. SERC plans to partner with existing community organizations, including the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce, Vail Preservation Society, Vail Parent Network, ReSources Food Bank, and other local groups. It’s also seeking the input and participation from local community members.

The SERC is not a political organization. It will maintain a nonpartisan position on issues, initiatives, and candidates. The goal instead will bring together three distinct areas of the southeast part of District 4 to have a say in matters that are important to the area. As the need arises, this group will interact with local or state government, as well as businesses, groups, and other organizations.  Subcommittees will also play a role in the SERC. These committees will focus on some of the more pressing issues concerning our area, including transportation, monsoon safety, wildfire safety, preservation and beautification, and planned growth for both residential and commercial.  The community as a whole will have a say in the message the SERC delivers to local government, businesses, or organizations. SERC plans to solicit community feedback when necessary.

The SERC is a non-profit organization, but it will not initially seek to become a 501(c)3 or other legally designated non-profit. There will be a set of guiding principals for the members of the council to ensure the appropriate people hear what will become a strong, active voice in our community.

Do you want to participate? There is only one requirement: You must live in, own a business in, or run a non-profit in Vail, Corona de Tucson, or the southeast region of District 4.  An application will be made available on the District 4 website by the end of September. This application will be shared with the community Facebook forums when it’s available, and you are encouraged to pass it along to your family and friends.   If you have any questions, please contact Lucretia Free, SE Regional Representative for District 4 by email at or by phone at (520) 609-6233.

Kimberly Crossland is a mom, a Vail resident, and the founder/owner of the Vail-based marketing agency, Savvy Copywriters, LLC.


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