SHERIFF NANOS: An Engaged Leader

Sheriff Chris Nanos shifted into high gear when he was sworn into office on August 1, 2015. The following are just a few of Sheriff Nanos’ key initiatives that he has instituted:

  • Inherited a $2.5 million dollar deficit and ended the fiscal year under budget, the first time in decades without cutting services.
  • Successful in obtaining decompression salary raises for Deputies and Corrections Officers.
  • Reinstituted the School Resource Officer Program (SRO) in 21 middle and high schools.
  • Summer Youth Camp – youth spend a week with the Sheriff’s Department to familiarize them with department operations.
  • Shifted RICO funds into community non-profit organizations that promote the education and development of youth.
  • Has attended well over 1000 meetings/events in the community and provides cell phone number to constituents at every event.
  • Teen Dating Violence program – Educates teens about warning signs and decisions in unsafe relationships.
  • Obtained MaCarthur Grant to reduce jail population over the next three years.
  • Proposed and enacted two public safety ordinances – Pedestrians on Medians and Hands Free/Distracted Driving ordinance.
  • Created a Narcotics Division to better serve Pima County.
  • Collaborates with AZ Department of Public Safety’s Border Strike Force.
  • First in the Nation to mandate mental health first aid training in Deputy and Corrections Officer academies.
  • “Commanders in the Community” Sheriff Nanos and his command staff volunteer monthly to assist a community based program or non-profit.
  • Helped create the MHST Unit and collaborated with the mental health community to establish a Mental Health Policy Group to better assist the mentally ill.
  • Small Business Partnership Program – SAVs patrol businesses to maintain high visibility, connect and promote communication with the business community.
  • Residential Vacation SAV Code 9 (periodic security checks) – residents notify the Sheriff’s Department on an extended vacation and the Sheriff’s SAV conduct periodic security checks on the resident’s home.

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