Valentine’s Day is all about love, new love, young love and old love. One interesting thing about the two is the differences in them. Young love is all about getting to know each other and going through the honeymoon phase and old love is all about just loving every moment of hanging out with your best friend.

When I spoke with two couples at my school they had similar answers. I asked Venezia Calderon how long she and her boyfriend John had been together, and they told me they had known each other for all four years of high school, but they had just started getting to know each other last year and have been dating for a year.

That seemed like a long time to me until I talked to Mr. Bob Koenig, who has been married to his wife (Mrs. Molly Koenig) for 29 years who also works at my school, but they had known each other for 31 years. I asked each couple how that time has felt together, and they both said it feels like its gone by so fast, Venezia said, “I feel like I could never spend enough time with him because he’s my best friend.” I braced myself for the excitement I would receive once I asked each couple what they liked about each other. In the beginning, they both said it would take awhile to narrow down the list, but once Mr. Koenig decided, he smiled and said, “Well to keep it simple, she puts up with me and that’s impressive at times.” When I asked Venezia, she got dreamy eyed as she said, “John’s kindness and willingness to help other.”

The final thing I had asked each couple was how they got through things they may dislike about the other or things they disagree on and they both agreed that when things cooled down, they would talk through it and not let it build up. I would like to wish both of these wonderful couples a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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