By Cody Hedges

On November 21st, 2019, the Rincon Valley Fire Department held an extraordinary board meeting. Shortly after an open call to the public, Larry Mosher, age 63, approached the podium, and thanked Dr. Chambers from St. Joseph’s and the Rincon Valley Fire Department for saving his life.

On November 8, 2019, Mosher – a special needs paraprofessional – was volunteering to lay irrigation pipe when he suffered an acute heart attack. Recognizing the symptoms, Mosher quickly called for medical assistance. Under the attentive care of Rincon Valley Fire paramedics, Mosher was rushed to the emergency room. By the time Mosher arrived at the hospital, his heart had stopped due to ventricular fibrillation. “We were able to treat this emergency before further damage occurred,” Dr. Chambers said, “had this happened outside of the hospital or ambulance, his chances of survival would be quite low.”

“Less than ten percent of folks in Arizona survive a cardiac arrest,” said current Fire Chief Jamie Kahle, “timing is everything in these cases.” So, how did Mosher recognize the symptoms? He has EMT and paramedic training. In fact, Mosher is a founding member of the Rincon Valley Fire Department, and served as Fire Chief from 1987 – 89. “Most guys dismiss a problem as indigestion or something,” Mosher said, “and refuse to seek help except as a last resort, but sometimes asking for help can save your life.”

“The whole system worked from soup to nuts,” said Chief Kahle. “Everyone did their job, including Larry, and thankfully his life was saved. Some calls do not go well, but when a call goes right, it makes us feel good. It inspires us.”  “I saw the progress,” said Mosher, reflecting on his experience, “and I’m proud of how the department has evolved over the years. Our community has a top-notch fire department, and the employees are respectful and diligent.”

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