By Fiona de Young

Rincon Valley Fire wants to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of our services, which is why we recently launched our new customer service site, available on our website at

This free service allows you to create an account and track your request from start to finish in a fully digital way. Our main goal is to improve your quality of life by making it as user friendly as possible to sign-up for these important safety services:

Smoke Detector Check
It’s essential to test Smoke Detectors once a month and replace them every 10 years. Our firefighters can help you review your equipment and make sure that your first line of defense against fire is working properly.

Car Seat Install
Our car seat techs will schedule an appointment with you to review the proper set-up for your child’s car seat and answer any questions that you have.

Knox Box
A Knox Box is a key vault to help first responders enter your home in an emergency. You may obtain a Knox Box directly from the vendor at You are responsible for the cost and installation. Once it is installed, contact us to request your keys to be locked inside the box.

Joining the Rincon Valley Fire District is now easier than ever by submitting your annexation request online. If you haven’t yet joined the fire district, please consider updating your property so that we can provide you with an emergency response.

Station Tours
Meet our firefighters and check-out the fire engine all while learning about fire safety!
These are just some of the many services now available on our website. It is the mission of the Rincon Valley Fire District to educate our community about staying healthy and safe. You can follow us on social media @RinconFire on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor. We are always happy to discuss safety with you, please give us a call at (520) 647-3760 with any questions.

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