By Fiona de Young, Community Relations Manager

Is your home wildfire ready? The Rincon Valley Fire District wants to make sure.

RVFD was recently awarded a FEMA grant to implement our first-ever Wildfire Risk Reduction Program. We are launching an outreach campaign to help residents understand simple ways to reduce wildfire hazards and important actions to follow when communities are threatened.

“In Arizona, the risk of wildfire is always on our minds,” said Captain Asa Pallette, a wildland firefighter who has been deployed to many of the nation’s largest wildfires. “The ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ Program encourages proactive preparation, while focusing on specific actions to take when a wildfire strikes.”

“Ready, Set, Go!” encompasses the three stages of readiness to observe during a disaster evacuation. Many of you recall seeing each of these steps on the news last summer during the Bighorn Fire, which saw residents evacuated from the Catalina Mountains. Here is a little bit more on what each step means, and how you can use it to stay safe:

  1. READY: “Prepare Now”
    Be aware of hazards that threaten your community (wildfires, floods, etc).
    Create defensible space around your home by clearing 30 to 100 feet of vegetation to protect from fire.
    Build an emergency go kit with enough food, water, and emergency supplies for 72 hours.
    Write a family communication and evacuation plan.
  2. SET: “Be Alert”
    There is significant danger in your area.
    Consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area.
    Stay aware of the latest news and information from public safety officials.
  3. GO: “Evacuate”
    Danger in your area is imminent and life-threatening. Take your emergency go kit and evacuate immediately to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area.

Follow instructions from emergency personnel and stay on designated evacuation routes.

To find out more about creating a wildfire ready home, sign-up for our free home assessment program by visiting our web site at or call us at (520) 647-3760. We are always happy to discuss safety with you. Residents must reside in the district and within the Wildland Urban Interface to be eligible for a home assessment.

Fiona de Young recently joined the Rincon Valley Fire District as its new Community Relations Manager. In this role, she is responsible for managing the District’s community engagement and media relations. Before joining the District, Fiona worked as an aide to U.S. Senator Martha McSally. She holds a Master’s Degree in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Fiona loves hiking in the beautiful mountains of Southern Arizona.

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