By Bailey Breeding
Community Relations Intern

With Halloween creeping up, it’s important to stay safe while taking part in all of the festivities. To ensure a fun and safe trick-or-treating night, use the following safety tips:

Wear bright colors or reflective clothing to help drivers see you
Make sure your costume is not too long, to avoid tripping
Masks can obstruct your vision, hats and make-up can be used instead
Carry a flashlight and have glow sticks

On Halloween, it is super important to be aware of your surroundings. When you’re crossing streets, make sure you are watching for cars. Desert critters will also come out once the sun goes down, so keep an eye out for snakes and other animals that could be wandering around. Pay attention to the things and people around you.
Make a plan. Have a trick-or-treating route planned before heading out to trick-or-treat. Have a start and end point and make sure everyone knows the plan. Only go to houses that have porch lights turned on, or signs that welcome trick-or-treaters. Taking short cuts or going off a path can lead to getting lost. Stay in well-lit areas and try to avoid dark places.

Be cautious of people you do not know. You should never get into a car with a stranger, even if they claim to know you through friends or family. Make sure everyone in your household understands this basic safety principle. Halloween does not mean it’s safe to enter a stranger’s home.

Before eating all of the candy from trick-or-treating, it is a good idea to go through it and have a parent check it to ensure it is safe. You should never eat homemade Halloween treats from strangers. Pay attention to candy that could cause an allergic reaction or choking hazard. Make sure all the candy that you plan to eat is factory made and properly sealed, if it is not throw it away.

Halloween should be a fun holiday for all to enjoy the treats and the spooky decorations. Using these safety tips can help make great Halloween filled with fun and memories this year. So let’s make safety a priority this Halloween!

If you need a glow stick or reflective Halloween bag, feel free to stop by one of our fire stations, or give us a call with any safety questions at (520) 647-3760.

Bailey grew up in Vail and graduated from Andrada Polytechnic High School. She is interning at RVFD, where she is working on safety education outreach, while obtaining a degree in fire science. Bailey loves coaching volleyball and hiking in Arizona.

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