By Susan Summers

If you arrived on Earth from another universe and did nothing more than read the morning paper and listen to the evening news, you might be convinced that humankind is flawed beyond any redemption – that Earth people exhibit flashes of empathy, but they are essentially selfish and uncaring. In fact, many inhabitants would agree with you, but probably not anyone who lives in Vail. Here’s proof, in case there is any doubt, that kindness lives in Vail.

A couple of months ago, a few volunteers at Greater Vail Community Resources (“ReSources”) learned that “Anna,” a single mother of two, lacked the funds to have her terminally ill car repaired; one of her sons had special needs so her vehicle was very important for transportation. They put her in touch with a new community action group known as “Vail Serves Vail,” which is facilitated by Anne Gibson and whose role it is to connect people in need with appropriate local resources. In fact, they found a replacement vehicle for Anna and in the process, her older son, “Alex” has made a lasting connection with a high school teacher and mentor.

Alex, a surprisingly sensitive high school senior who almost left school in order to support his family, opted to skip his own prom in order to escort a special needs young lady to her prom. Without proper attire or prom ticket, however, the plan would have failed. Enter ReSources volunteers who provided him prom clothes and chipped in to raise over $200 that would pay for the tickets of all prom escorts as well as refreshments. So next time you feel discouraged about all the bad news in the world, remember that kindness not only lives in Vail, it thrives in Vail!

To become a volunteer at ReSources Vail Food Bank or Vail Depot Thrift store, visit the web site:

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