ReSourceful Thinking by Blaine deVesty

On an evening commute from Tucson, I am reminded why calling Vail home is such a treasure.  More often than not, the sky takes on a color that is awe inspiring.  Like many that call Vail home, my previous commute was to and from the Bay Area.  I was happy to trade the traffic and chaos for a stunning view, a quiet drive, and the home stretch passing a few of Vail’s schools.  Chances are you’ve made that drive as well, and chances are that you have or know a child attending our schools.  For all the marvels that Greater Vail offers, there is one troubling statistic; the number of families in Vail who need assistance.  Do you know that many of your neighbors need supplemental food?  Are you aware that 30% of our students rely on free or reduced lunch at school and don’t have enough food on the weekend?  It’s true, and it’s estimated that it will take more than $98,375 to ensure these families receive these resources they need.  The Greater Vail Community ReSources Vail Food Bank is open and striving to meet the need of our community.

As you pass the homes of your neighbors on your next commute, ask yourself, “how will you help those in need?” Contact ReSources to find out.




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