Dear Editor:

Saw an ad for a “Viga Tail Specialist” in your paper some weeks ago.  I called Bill DeHaven and asked him to come by to give me an estimate on the five viga tails across my front porch.  I didn’t know how these things were mounted, but they were in sad shape as they get the afternoon sun every day.  They were black and falling apart.  I was thinking that replacement was my only possible solution.  Bill came by, took a look at the situation, and said, “I can fix those.”  I thought, “What?!”  He said he’d use a polymer to fill the voids, recaulk around the stucco, and paint them with a waterproof paint.  I asked him his price for doing all five, and I thought, “What the heck?  That’s pretty cheap!”  So, I told him to do it.  When he called to tell me he was coming by to start work, I told him I’d be out of town, and he said, “No problem.”  He did the work while I was gone, and I was amazed when I got home yesterday.  They look like brand new viga tails!  And he said that if any problems occurred with them to just give him a call.  He got a very nice tip.  His name is Bill DeHaven, he’s bonded and insured, and his number is 360-620-8664.  I’d highly recommend him to anyone with a Santa Fe style home with any kind of wooden accents.  Thanks for the ad in your paper!

Butch Bryant, Vail


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