by Gaga Barnes

Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to take in all the air that it needs. Imagine your entire body softening.

Begin by being thankful for all the gifts in your life. Appreciating where we have been is a magical key to moving forward. Every situation and relationship has taught us something useful. It has made us who we are today.

Notice things in your life that have outlived their usefulness. What keeps you stuck in old patterns? What stops you from living your deepest dreams?    Let all your fears and disappointments surface in your mind. See them as a muddy water that flows out of you as you breathe out. See yourself releasing old hurts and sadness.

Release all the “should haves,” “could haves,” and “if only.”

As the old energy flows out, experience a new lightness of being. Feel your creative power and vitality.

Now imagine that you can breathe in the qualities that you need for the New Year.

Breathe in courage to be true to yourself.  Breathe in patience, spontaneity and anything that you feel would assist you in this new beginning. See yourself free, unstoppable and authentic.

In your mind’s eye, picture what you would like to receive in your life. Imagine yourself easily receiving the gifts of health, love and fulfillment. Feel yourself radiating positive energy as you attract new people, ideas and situations.

See yourself joyful and content.

Each day is a blessing, overflowing with opportunities.

You cannot have something new without letting go of the old. No matter what age you are, commit to your dreams today. Going after your biggest dream is no more difficult than safely living inside your comfort zone but infinitely more rewarding. Start this year strong. The world needs you at your best. We all want you to fly high.

Many blessings for a Happy New Year and a “Happy New You!”

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