Whether you agree with his politics or not, Ray Carroll plays an integral part in our community. From road repairs to budget management, Supervisor Carroll strives to create a better place to live in Vail and Pima County. Now, get to know your Supervisor in this week’s Faces of Vail interview.

1. What’s your favorite thing about Vail?

There are so many different things in Vail that top my list, but I am going to have to say the Saint Rita in the Desert Shrine. Founded in 1935, Saint Rita in the Desert is part of the Diocese of Tucson and serves as nonjudgmental, welcoming sanctuary in the exceptional and serendipitous Vail community.

2. This is quite a vibrant community. What are some of the events you look forward to the most each year?

Saint Rita in the Desert holds many parish events throughout the year. One of my favorite events is the Saint Rita in the Desert’s Annual Festival held every year in September. The Annual Festival is a great family event with lots of activities supporting the non-profit Saint Vincent de Paul. It celebrates the practice of giving back to the community and helping those in need.

3. When you’re not fulfilling your elected duties, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

I really enjoy outdoor activities and Pima County has a lot of opportunities for hiking, biking and walking my dog, Simon. Simon and I often take the whole family (including two other dogs) out on the Loop. We like going to local, dog-friendly places like Bookmans, visiting senior healthcare facilities and checking out the thrift stores around Tucson. With two out or three of my children living out of state, my wife, Ann, and I like to travel to Dallas and try to watch my son play football at Southern Methodist University every opportunity we get.

4. Give one insider tip about Vail that most people might not know.

Montgomery’s Grill and Saloon has some of the best deli sandwiches I have ever had. The Tucson Turkey is top-notch!

5. Where is your favorite spot to travel to in Southern Arizona?

There are so many places, that I couldn’t pick one. I like traveling to places like the Saguaro National Park East, a national treasure and home to the nation’s largest cacti, but I like the lesser known areas such as the Davidson Canyon. It has the Gabe Zimmerman Davidson Canyon Trailhead, named after my friend who gave his life serving this place. The trailhead provides access to the Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, Davidson Canyon and the Arizona Trail. And did I mention it’s dog-friendly?

6. What motivated you to run for office in District 4?

I wanted to be in politics since a young age. Growing up in Chicago, politics was naturally a part of everyday life. I got my first taste of elected office when I was elected class president at Regis University in Denver and worked for a Colorado State Senator. When I moved to Arizona and married my college sweetheart, I fell in love with Tucson and Pima County and naturally wanted to serve the public and make Pima County a better place.

7. If you had one hope for the future of Vail, what would it be?

Vail is thriving community that is constantly growing and is home to one of the best school districts in the nation. Since it is unincorporated, I want to make sure that Vail is properly represented and gets all the services they need. At this point right now, completing improvement of Colossal Cave Road is my number one priority.

8. Anything else you’d like the people of Vail to know about you?

#1, I love Vail Pride Day at the Pima County Fairgrounds. I’m happy I can be part of this great day of recognition for deserving students and their parents at our beautiful County fairgrounds.
#2, Simon and I rescue dogs in my spare time and find forever homes for them.

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