In The Vail Voice, we regularly have content on new residential and commercial construction, road improvements, and community development.

Our current issue reports much of the same, along these lines. Houghton Road Construction begins, Tech Parks Arizona reports their expansion plans, the community of Corona de Tucson considers their future and in Vail  (page 4), Vail*Paloosa launches their first annual free community event, with live music, antiques, and local artisans.

Last month, in this column, I addressed the “growing pains” inherent in town growth.  Aside from the obvious struggles of construction and property development, some of the growth is less obvious but in some ways more important. Specifically, I am referring to the quality of life in our community.

When people talk what it is like to live in a community, what comes up in discussion tends to be quality of life issues. Although Vail has a considerable history, we still have events that are advertised as first annual or second annual, (like the Second Annual Celebration of Vail, coming up on the 21st of April – see advertisement on page 6). Civic participation, volunteerism,  community celebrations, and special events are sure ways to improve the quality of life of a town. The Pima County Fair is one such upcoming event on April 20th to 30th, (page 36).

Community development is important, but more important for our future and the community we have a hand in shaping, is the quality of life we experience.

I think this is in part what we celebrate in April – the quality of life we enjoy in Vail.

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