Dear Editor,

The Vail School District is asking its residents to approve a 12.5 percent override in the upcoming November general election. Voters last approved a 10% override in 2012. Now, the override is due for re-authorization. The Vail School District needs the additional 2.5% to give our teachers and other non-administrative personnel a much-deserved raise.

The Vail School District has an outstanding record of achievement year after year! Despite gross underfunding of education by our state, the VSD continues to be among the top places to raise and educate our children and young adults.

As residents of the District, one of our considerations should be based on educational priorities. Those needs are a vital part of the community!

As a local resident and realtor, I believe as growth takes place, a good school system serves as an incentive to make our neighborhoods safer, more attractive, stable and contribute to their future value. I am proud to promote and support the Vail School District because of the value it adds to our community.

I encourage you to vote for Proposition 449 so Vail may continue to be among one of the best in the State of Arizona.


David Leach


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