By Hollie Warnick

Which podcasts are you into? Are you into any? These downloadable talk-shows come in episode format from people just like you and me. There are so many and various podcasts out there. You can listen to one about body building and switch to building your empire instantly. It’s just another way we can indulge and educate ourselves. There’s much information and technology at our fingertips.

Everything you want to learn has been referenced online, including people’s personal experiences. Want to learn about cryptocurrency, running a business, or astral projection? Find a podcast.

So, how do we choose what to listen to? There’s comedy, how to, spirituality, true crime, sports and more. What’s your pick? What do you enjoy spending your time on? Podcasts are not only to educate, but to enjoy and enrich our lives. Remember those shows, articles, and videos you consume each day? You can find something similar in your podcasts. That way, you can do chores, drive, exercise outdoors, or even work with your favorite host sharing data and commentary you appreciate.

One great feature of podcasts is that they’re a free way to be edified on the go with topics that you truly care about. You choose. You can also spend your time listening to subjects that invigorate or relax you. Some podcasts I enjoy are “The Alchemy of Ascension” and “The Awaken Podcast”. Another fun trait of podcasts is that you get to feel like the host is in your ear; as if you know them and they’re speaking directly to you.

These hosts get real, hilarious, opinionated, and reflective right along with you. There’s a myriad of ways to spend your time, so make sure the focus meets your requirements.

I also host a podcast now. Check it out and you can spend time with me gaining spiritual insights and adventure with each episode. There’ll be interviews, product reviews, and more all with mystical understandings for your listening pleasure. Revel in my playful journey where I explore all the new and different things I would do. Just search for “Hollie Would” and you’ll find me.

It’s up to you.

Hollie Warnick is a Behavioral Kinesiologist and Reiki Master utilizing behavioral health concepts, energy medicine, and essential oils to help clients gain clarity, peace, and power in their relationships and lives. Hollie leads classes and personal sessions that transform your breakdowns into miracles with insights and healing for inside and out. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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