My family , husband and daughter had been thinking about getting me a dog. I had spoken to a friend who had moved and couldn’t keep him anymore. He was a year old and we fell in love. His birthday is 11/19/09. He’s very smart, and he’s my buddy. We have a cat, they act just like Garfield and Odie!!!!
Linda Bilbrey
We thought we would share a picture of Captain, our family pet of eight years. He was rescued in Florida and has moved with us through all our military adventures. He is the best boy!
Abby Torres
Sugar came to us thru PACC’s foster program in 2018. He needed a place outside of the overcrowded shelter to recover from serious injuries after being hit by a car. After several weeks he was cleared for adoption. Now he is adopted and adored…by us!
E. Cuddleback
Zane (bottom) has been our boy for 9 years now. He needed a friend, so 2 months ago we went out to PACC and adopted a 2 year old pup and named her Ciri. She had never lived anywhere stable, so we were more than happy to provide her a forever family and home. They are amazing friends, and are both incredibly loving to our kids.
Jayleigh Parker
This is my pup Enzo. He’s 9-years-old and is a cane corso (Italian mastiff). He is great companion and enjoys being by my side and hanging out in the workshop with me and going for truck rides.
Could not ask for a better friend in life!
Joe Noto
Shaggy… now 15 years old!
Sarah Wolffe
Owner of Charron Vineyards
Sweet baby Bella is a rescue dog. We’ve had her for about 7 years. She brings so much joy and love to our life.
Bel Coulsen

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