It was a regular day coming home from work. I didn’t have any pets, but this day turned out differently. I opened the door of my house and saw a dog barking and looking at me. I was in shock because I didn’t plan to have a dog, nor did I know I had one. In my childhood I had a dog that passed away in my arms by coincidence, so since then I did not feel I would have a pet again, because it hurt my heart very badly in the past. So…it was like BOOM…a dog from nowhere in my home! In minutes I found out from my loving wife that she brought the dog in. She got it from somebody who just didn’t have time to take care of her. When my wife met with the lady to look at this dog, it just licked her knee, so her heart melted and she brought her home. I just couldn’t believe that I had a dog. I didn’t like that she barked at me, so I said that she is a stranger. After that my wife said that she lives here from now on, so she is not a stranger. That meant that I was a stranger in my own home, lol, while the dog got all priorities. How funny, I am a stranger in my own home now. I thought, “are you kidding?

Later on I learned that she barked just in general, because she was brought home just an hour before I came from work. It was hard for her in all ways. Other owners, my wife and I, another home, unfamiliar smells; everything was new for her. She was one-year-old at that time, so it must have been stressful for her. I got the point later, but not when I opened a door and saw a barking dog. She has been living with us for three years, and this month is her fourth birthday. Happy birthday to my loving Ari! I love her very much! Ari is very friendly, and a social dog to adults, kids, other dogs, and cats. She loves different kinds of treats and does some tricks. Ari is a very intelligent dog in general and she loves to meet new friends. She also licks my pillow every time when she goes to my bed, as well licks me all over when I lie down. She literally gives me a shower licking me. Since she always licks me and the sound is “slurp,” I call her “Slurpy”. I love her a lot. I am a dog lover again and I will always be.

She helped me to get over my sad childhood dog situation and longtime memories of sadness in my heart. I am thankful to my wife for finding her and bringing her home. She is my happy and loving Ari (Slurpy). Kisses and hugs to you, with many “slurps”.

Felix Acosta

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