My wife and I really enjoy reading “The Vail Voice”. Thank you for all the hard work it takes to produce it.

We moved to Tucson in 1994 and have had 17 dogs pass through our home over all these years. I (Pat) worked with Southern Arizona Boxer Rescue for many years and enjoyed the fostering process. Sometimes, though, I would fail and keep some of the dogs for our pack. At times we had up to five dogs in our home! We also supported Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pet and enjoyed fostering two dogs; Jazzie, the Golden Retriever, and Athena, the German Shepard. It always broke our hearts, of course, to let our fosters go either to their forever home, or back to their soldier, safely returning home from service.

This took a toll on our hearts, and after our beloved boxer, Buddy, passed in 2018, we decided that maybe we would not have pets. Maybe we should start traveling freely now that we are retired and don’t have to worry about leaving a loved furry friend behind. Just when we got used to this new normal, COVID hit and travel was not an option. Even though we were relegated mostly to staying home, we still were not ready to open our hearts to having a dog again.

In December, 2021, Pat changed his heart during a regular walk that he was taking. Why not add a dog to the routine again? So we applied with the Boxer Luv organization up in Phoenix and waited to hear back. After the holidays passed we received great news that a boxer was needing the right forever home after being attacked in her home at the age of 8 months. Rosie was recovering from her wounds nicely and just needed to meet us, and join our pack.

From the moment I saw her picture we fell in love with her (I think you will too). She is very friendly and loves to snuggle. She is also a very intense butterfly hunter and would love to catch a lizard someday in the backyard. During these hot months she seems quite content to sit on her “throne” and look out over her neighborhood.

Our hearts have healed again and are now filled with love for Rosie. She’s now over a year old and we look forward to sharing the rest of her life with ours.

Pat and MaryAnne Barrett

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