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My mom, Agnes Paulsen, and I celebrated by going out to breakfast.  We were happy the mammogram and bone density exams that we had that morning were over quickly.  My mom decided to just take my arm and not use her walker as we walked into the Village Inn restaurant. A tall, friendly looking, middle-aged man saw us approach the restaurant from the parking lot.  He waited to go in so he could hold the door for us.  We, of course, thanked him.  All three of us entered at the same time like we were all together.  I joked with the hostess, “I’m sure this man is nice, but he’s not sitting with us.”

The man was seated a couple of booths down from us.  We completely forgot about the man seated by himself.  The restaurant was almost completely empty.  I think everyone was waiting to get their free pie after 10 AM.  We had a coupon from my daughter that was for one free entrée if you also order two beverages.  I convinced my mom she should splurge and get more than just water.  She ordered a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.  We had barely started eating our big breakfasts when I noticed the man who had come in at the same time as we did was leaving.  A little later the waitress came by our booth and said the man had paid for our full bill!  He did it because he liked our smiles!  He knew we had a coupon but didn’t want to use it.  He said to the waitress he wanted for us to be able to use the coupon another time.  Our bill was $22.33.  We were totally surprised at this anonymous, random act of kindness!  Never before in my mom’s long life of 95 years or in my life of 61 years, has anything like this happened to us! I hope this sweet man reads this article and knows we were both touched by his generosity to strangers. Ann Kozachik

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