School is out and your kids are home all day every day. Crafts, board games, books, and electronics are great ways to keep them entertained, but so is…organizing? Yup! Summer is the best time to get your kids excited about keeping the house tidy, and they have plenty of time to do it. It may sound improbable, but with a few basic strategies, you can make it happen.

As a family, create a list of spaces you want organized and prioritize the list.

As a family, create a daily schedule that includes time to organize together and alone. Include at least one 2-hour chunk of time for organizing.

Display the schedule and guide your kids through it each day.

Immediately, after organizing is done for the day, reward your kids! Stickers, snacks, popsicles, water time outside, or a fun indoor activity work great!

Remember, teaching kids to organize takes time and patience! Don’t give up on them or yourself! Consistency and taking breaks are key! In time, both you and your kids will develop the right habits and find joy in the stress-free environment that comes with sorting spaces!

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