The most familiar reason a new patient comes to our practice is because they are “new to the area.” That makes sense—people move and they need to find a new dentist. Upon further research, we found that your motivations are not necessarily so clear-cut.

According to a recent census report, about 12.5 percent of the population moved during the year. That is a lot of mobility. But here’s what we find interesting: 70 percent of those people moved within the same county. Only 18 percent moved to a different county within the state, leaving just 12 percent moving out of state. So a lot of patients out there who are going to a new dentist because they’ve moved are really saying their previous dentist just wasn’t providing a special enough experience to make it worth traveling a few miles farther.

Dr. Barney has been serving this area since 1999 and understands you have choices. He challenges you to consider this; does your current provider make you feel special? If the answer is no, then come see why our patients say yes.

We are a one dentist practice, we provide a warm and comfortable office filled with a wonderful staff focused on you, the patient. You will not get lost in minutia of the corporate business world of dentistry. So, if you are new to the neighborhood or a long-time resident looking for a special patient experience for your entire family, come visit us.

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