by Anne Gibson

The making of New Year’s Resolutions is nothing new. It dates back to the days when Babylonians promised their gods to return borrowed objects and to pay their debts.

Each year the Romans began by making promises to Janus, the god for whom the month of January was named. In Medieval times, the knights reaffirmed their commitment to chivalry with a vow each year at the end of the Christmas season.

Many Christians prepare by praying and making these resolutions at a service for the coming year. In the greater Vail area, some residents shared their New Year’s Resolutions.

“My resolution is to find a way each day to brighten someone’s day,” said Long Realty Company’s Tucson Dream Team member Phyllis Daugherty. Ocotillo Ridge Elementary School Principal Sarah Bates stated her resolution was “to push myself outside of my comfort zone to provide new and exciting opportunities for the students at my school.” Personally, she wants to remain committed to her health with diet and exercise.

VIP Senor Loan Officer with VIP Mortgage Rob Sanchez was very precise. His New Year’s Resolution is to “Create and maintain a Work-Family-Life Balance.” Rob Sanchez is a family man active at his children’s schools, in his community, and with his career.

“Bringing passionate people together to support community-enhancing work. This is the most impactful thing I can do for my life, my family and everyone. This resolution makes all other goals attainable,” said Edward Buster, president of the Santa Rita Foothills Community Association.

“My 2017 New Year’s Resolution is to begin this year’s journey practicing the mindfulness of living with a greater calm, balance and ease,” said Mesquite teacher Janet Collins as she stated she is expecting awesome things in 2017!

Rincon Valley Fire Chief Jayme Kahle stated that his personal New Year’s Resolution is to resolve to let all the wonderful people around him know that he deeply appreciates them. Professionally Chief Kahle resolves to implement a program that will reduce the number of fall injuries to Rincon Valley’s older adults.

Pursuing good health. No matter what age, whether it’s eating, exercising, keeping the mind busy, being positive, and never cease to reach for goals that help one to stay healthy is the resolution from Alex Argueta Corona de Tucson resident and developer. “My 2017 New Year’s Resolution is to work on starting a family,” Farmers Insurance Agent Chelsea Cohen said.

This year my goal is to gain access and photograph “The Wave!” responded Rob Samuelsen as he explained he has paid $5 a month for many months to be a lottery pick for access to “The Wave” in Coyote Buttes with no success. You can see examples of Rob Samuelsen’s photography in Backcountry Expressions Calendar 2017 or notecards at

“In 2017 I resolve to be a better friend, to have deeper relationships, and to spend more time with God,” said Vail Christ Lutheran Church Pastor David Hook. He added he planned to eat less chocolate, but expects to fail shortly after the New Year.

Rick MacKay’s resolution is to continue to stay active and work with retired seniors. Rick MacKay is one of the fitness trainers at the Arizona Senior Academy and the Del Webb’s community in Rancho Del Lago where he lives.

Retiree Richard Katz shared his New Year’s Resolution “to continue to enjoy life, work harder to improve the life’s of my family and friends, and honor my parent’s tradition of giving back to the community by contribution my time and energy.”

These resolutions represent a cross section of people from our greater Vail area. The sampling resolutions show a prediction that the populous of the greater Vail area will have a productive, healthy and happy 2017.


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