Dear Editor,

This is the first time in over 30 years that I am sitting out an election for Pima County Sheriff.  I can’t say that I’m missing it at all. Obviously, I am supporting Chris Nanos, and here’s why.

Chris was my Chief Deputy before being selected by the Board of Supervisors to succeed me as Sheriff, when I retired almost two years ago.  I made him my Chief Deputy because he is a smart, no-nonsense street cop who came up through the ranks over 30 years, beginning first as a Corrections Officer at our jail.  He’s done it all and done it well and with class.

I am proud of the Department that I was privileged to lead for 36 years.  Proud that we have the third best response time of all agencies and among the lowest crime rates in the state, truly “Keeping the Peace Since 1865.” Our success and reputation was accomplished and earned with a whole lot of quality work and enormous effort of an outstanding team of commissioned and corrections officers, civilian employees and volunteers.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to assemble this team of extraordinary men and women.  Chris Nanos is the man to continue to lead them.

The part of the job I don’t miss is the politics—especially in this year of such extreme acrimony.  Chris is truly getting an undeserved baptism by fire. His opponent, through cowardly surrogates, has run a vicious attack campaign full of lies, half-truths, innuendo, and ruinous character assassination. Believe me, I know when they repeatedly state, “It’s not political,” it is just that—political.

But for me, it’s personal. It is so disheartening after all these years to listen to a few disgruntled tea-party type denigrators try to tear down the institution and attempt to destroy reputations, so many have worked so hard to create and maintain.  That’s politics at its absolute worst and they should be ashamed.

Yes, for me, it’s personal.  This is Pima County.  We are not Maricopa.  Please join with me and vote for Chris Nanos for Pima County Sheriff.

Clarence W. Dupnik,




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