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Beyond the many joys of having a baby, a healthy pregnancy can also offer long-term benefits to a mother’s health. A woman’s body is transformed during pregnancy, and some of these transformations – along with good prenatal care from an OB/GYN – can mean extended health benefits.

“Supporting mom’s health during pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period is critical to supporting her long-term health, as well as her baby’s,” said Dr. Snigdha Toodi M.D., an OB/GYN who cares for mothers and babies at Northwest Medical Center Houghton.

Benefits following a healthy delivery – plus breastfeeding, when possible – include a reduction in risks for cancers of the reproductive system as well as other diseases. If a woman first becomes pregnant before the age of 30, her risk of developing breast cancer after menopause decreases.

Dr. Cameron Kliner, M.D., another OB/GYN who also cares for mothers and babies at Northwest Medical Center Houghton, points out that numerous factors influence each person’s risk for any medical condition; including age, family history and lifestyle choices – and these likely have more impact on a woman’s long-term health picture than her delivery history.

“While women who have never delivered a child have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer, ovarian and endometrial cancers, there are options,” said Dr. Kliner. “It’s important to have an established relationship with a provider who will review your medical history and may recommend protective actions to reduce your risk.”

Maintaining a relationship with a primary care physician, working closely with your OB/GYN before, during and after pregnancy and keeping up with regular health screenings are the best ways to support your overall well-being.
When you deliver at Northwest Medical Center Houghton or at Northwest Women’s Center, you can rest assured that you and your baby will have the best of care. Both hospitals have an FDA-approved fetal heart rate and maternal early warning system – a second set of eyes to watch over our smallest, most vulnerable patients and their mothers. This new technology reviews a woman’s vital signs, her baby’s heart rate, and other important health and safety information. If the system detects anything unusual, it immediately alerts the team so they can provide better, faster, more accurate care.

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