I believe Vail may be the best place in Pima County to live and raise a family. That’s why you’re here.

However, the County has been neglecting Vail. That won’t happen under my watch when you choose me to be your next County Supervisor.

As a lifetime resident of the County, I have never taken a backseat on anything and have always been involved in community activities, from the Tucson Chamber to my church; in business here for over 40 years, with a lifetime of loyal customers; and raised my family here (and was named “Father of the Year”).

But my biggest regret is that my 3 beautiful daughters had to leave here to find work. I don’t want that to happen to your children – or grandchildren.

I will use every ounce of my strength and ability to attract more high-paying jobs – and to make it easier to start and maintain a small business here. Too many businesses have closed or left. Even many of those still here are controlled from elsewhere – by people who have no connection to us. From homebuilders to hospitals, we can, and must, turn this around.

The same can be said for our roads. They have improved, but more needs to be done – not just building new roads but maintaining old ones. My experience on the boards of both the Arizona State Transportation Board and Regional Transportation Authority will help greatly.

Nobody on the Board – or running for the Board – has more business or transportation experience.

As your Supervisor, I will use my experience to exercise influence over how items are managed. I will be an active member of the Board, “A Supervisor – Not Just a Spectator”.

I ask for your support. And hope I have your vote.

Steve Christy


A special note of thanks to my friends and supporters, who include Frank Antenori, Peter Backus, Ray Carroll, Joe Dreyfuss, and Chris Monson.

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