Mark Tate Recognized by Local Chamber by Jeff Logsdon, President of the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce

This past April 08th, the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its first Annual Dinner and recognized its first recipient of the Member of the Year Award!  Our culture is one that is driven to produce – always striving for what’s next.  It is a great discipline to pause, and also celebrate what has been accomplished.  This is what the Annual Dinner and the Member of the Year Award both represent.  It is a way to recognize the progress that has been made and the accomplishments of one who has gone above and beyond to exemplify the mission and the tagline of our organization -Influencing Vail’s Future!

Upon his retirement, this year’s recipient of the Member of the Year Award began volunteering countless hours in the Vail School District, and specifically at Andrada High School.  He is an active member of the chamber and a vibrant presence in the local community.  His service was instrumental in transitioning the organizational structure of our local food bank so it could continue to thrive as a new entity known as Greater Vail Community ReSources.  As an extension of that, he and his wife, Lynnette, also worked together to launch the thrift store located between the tracks.

His love for his family, the local church, and our community compels him to give additional time with a team of local leaders, helping to strengthen other families through Vail Family University.  With a heart that is moved to take action, it is no wonder he was recently appointed to serve on the governing board in the Vail School District.

For many, retirement is an opportunity to slow down. It has been inspiring to witness the great love Mark Tate has for his community, and the love that our community reciprocates for his tireless service.  Congratulations, to the recipient of the 2017 Member of the Year Award, Mark Tate!  Mark and Lynnette are a great encouragement to the Vail Community!  Thank you for your selfless leadership!


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