"We cannot express hate and say we love"

By Gaga Barnes

Today on the day of love. 

I commit to be loving towards myself and others. 

I commit to honor the gifts and natural talents of others and my own . 

I commit to cherish my health, nourish my body, feed my soul and nurture my spirit. 

I commit to respect others’ values and to be loyal to mine. 

I commit to follow my passions and dreams and to support others in reaching for and expressing theirs. 

I commit to be a solution not a problem. 

I commit to be a giver, supporter and contributor. 

I commit to keep my heart open when it wants to close. 

I commit to accept rather than judge, include rather than separate. 

I commit to see “What is Right” and to live in gratitude for “What Is.” 

I commit to love better, live fuller and laugh often. 

I commit to be a loving, compassionate and joyful person. 

I commit to make a world a better place. 

What are you committed to?

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