My Name is Lori Kilpatrick and I am running for Legislative District 14 State Senate.

I am:

  • An Army Veteran
  • Small business owner
  • Have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education
  • Card carrying 2nd Amendment believer
  • A fiscal constitutional conservative
  • Believer in the big wall / boarder security
  • Education is essential to growth and prosperity

I will fight:

  • To protect our personal liberties, our freedoms, and our voice.

One of my opponents introduced legislation that seeks to abolish the electoral college.  Our rural communities need protection to keep our voice. I will always fight for “We the People.”

  • To stop new taxes, even those hidden under the guise of “fees.”

One of my opponents would have you believe he fought hard to “restore” funds desperately needed in our rural communities, such as the HURF funds.  The reality is a little different.  The HURF funds may have been partially restore, money that is rightfully ours, but to get that back there is a new “fee” added to our family budgets.  The cost for tags on our vehicles will go up.  Why do we have to pay to receive something that was stolen from us?  One of my opponents has a history of abusing the tax dollars for personal benefit. They are fighting the wrong battles – one fights to keep “big government”; one “spins within the system.” I will represent the people not the establishment.  I will always remember every dollar in our government comes from a family’s household.

I will always be present and accounted for. If a representative only shows up the 8 weeks prior to an election, they are not a representative.  They are a politician.  We must get rid of the establishment.  It is not always about experience, but should be about knowledge and integrity.  One of my opponents has been in an elected office for 8 years.  One has been in an elected office for 18 years.  One was a democrat all but the last two years.  Be weary of those that will say anything to get your vote. Actions speak louder than words.

I am the representative needed for our community to grow and prosper.  I will work together with those in support of our communities as well as being a leader that gets the job done.  I will represent you and this community, not the establishment.  I am asking for your vote and support on August 28.

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