Specialty craft coffee comes to Tucson’s east side. Coffee is fuel for our lives, and we love to love it. Andrea Walker remembers trips to a local coffee shop in the 90’s with her mother. Years later, when she and her husband Kelly moved their family to Rita Ranch, followed by parents Cheryl and Richard Dunker, the love of coffee came with them.

“We moved from Oregon last summer and found ourselves driving 20+ minutes to get good local coffee,” says Andrea, Viva co-owner. “We got the notion we could bring locally crafted coffee to our community in a sit-down environment.” “We chose Presta Coffee Roasters of Tucson to supply our beans,” said Andrea. “When I tasted their coffee, I knew they were what we needed.” Viva sources local products like fresh pastries made by Mad Batter Bakery and Curly Wolf Kombucha.

Viva has come out of the gate with a five-star reception from the community. “Viva is such a great addition to our small community,” said Shawnie Ruble Peterson. “I’m so happy Viva opened in Rita Ranch! Always a great cup of coffee with friendly service. They use a local roaster and local pastries. They even have kids storytime several times a week. I’m so glad Viva is nearby!”

“A lot of people aren’t yet aware of Viva,” Andrea noted. “Those who are have been delighted by the quality, ambiance and friendly staff. They’re surprised to discover that our drinks are priced ‘on a par with the star.’ We’re delighted to be part of the community and look forward to serving it for years to come.”

Visit Viva Coffee House at 9136 East Valencia, corner of Nexus, Facebook/Instagram @VivaCoffeeHouse

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