By Patrick Whitehurst

Christmas scares have always been a popular part of the holiday season, as the endless remakes of A Christmas Carol can attest to, and I am happy to be a part of that tradition this year with the inclusion of two stories in the new holiday edition of the Bitter Chills anthology, available December 5th on and elsewhere.

While certainly not for everyone, Christmas frights have a way of scaring us a bit more than they would had the incident occured in May. It could be that we’re all warm and cozy, with scary things far from our thoughts.
As for me I love the frights as much as I love the holiday TV specials, the lights, and the gifts!

Patrick Whitehurst is the author of five nonfcition books, including “Murder and Mayhem in Tucson.” His short fiction has appeared in Punk Noir, Pulp Modern Magazine, and elsewhere. Learn more at

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