In last week’s article, Sheriff Chris Nanos quoted the average response time to areas such as Corona de Tucson to be approximately double the average response time as in the Metropolitan areas of Pima County. During a recent Domestic Violence and Order of Protection 911 call, it took over 2 1/2 hours for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department to arrive on scene! When the two deputies finally did arrive, the perpetrator had fled the scene, and the two very young and inexperienced deputies did not enforce the Order of Protection in any way. They actually chose to override orders from a Judge and allow the defendant to break every one of the Judge’s orders! In my experience with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, I have found the deputies, sergeants, and detectives to be very inept at following and enforcing the Law.

Therefore, my question is, what good it would do to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money on adding another substation with a substandard Sheriff and Law enforcement that is not knowledgeable enough to enforce the Law. I personally have tried phoning Sheriff Nanos with my concerns in three different occasions; he never even had the common courtesy to return any of my calls. The Vail District Office Proposal is NOT a worthy undertaking, unless the Pima County Sheriff’s Department is better trained to help victims of crimes and held to much higher standards by the Laws of Arizona, internally.

M. Reifsneider

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